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World Wide Dishes

Exploring cultural representations in AI through food!

We'd love to learn about your local food

We are a group of volunteer researchers who want to learn more about how people in different parts of the world experience technology powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We know that food is a wonderful lens into our experiences, cultures, and perspectives. However, the capability of generative AI systems to accurately reflect this diversity is often limited. Our project aims to understand how various cultures engage with and perceive food, with the goal of identifying whose experiences are inadequately represented or overly present in current AI systems.

This is where YOU can help: by sharing a bit about the food you’re familiar with and associate with your home(s) and culture(s). You’ll be asked to share some information about the food, its cultural and historical associations and potentially a personal photo of the food. We anticipate a time commitment of 5-10 minutes.

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How to contribute

Who are we?

We are a research team with a shared passion for ensuring AI is used in a way that is fair for, and representative of, all who use it.

Lauren Crais
Imane Hamzaoui
Siobhan Mackenzie Hall
Shu Ishida
Elizaveta Semenova
Tejumade Afonja
Foutse Yuehgoh
Jabez Magomere
Aisha Alaagib
Raesetje Sefala
Aya Salama

Why is it important to understand the representation of food in AI?

AI systems are becoming a part of our daily lives at an incredibly fast rate! They are used in all sorts of systems, such as search engines, captioning systems and the image and text generators that are gaining more and more popularity.

However, while these systems are increasing their capabilities, there is increasing concern that their outputs and capabilities are not equally good for everyone. We are interacting with these systems more and more in our daily lives, and the potential of AI to shape our perspectives in the world is increasing! Given how connected we are to these AI models, it is important that we ensure they are closely monitored and continuously improved. It is essential that they capture all the wonderful diversity and creativity in our world.

We believe one of the best ways to ensure this diversity is captured is to create ways for many people to be able to contribute. AI relies on human input to ‘learn’, so it’s important that it learns from people of many different backgrounds. That is where we come in with this website: we hope to reach as many people as possible and encourage them to fill in this form to help us create a more diverse dataset to support AI research that is representative of our diverse and dynamic world!

This is where you come in! By participating in this project, you can help share information about your experiences as shaped by your home(s) and culture(s). We have chosen FOOD as a lens into this experience. Food is a huge part of all our lives and has the ability to reflect a bit about our social lives.